Dear Families and Friends,

We are so excited to announce that we are able to welcome you back into the hospital! We have missed you!

According to the CDC, vaccinated people may resume normal activities and Ohio’s COVID-19 health orders ended on June 2. Facemasks are optional for vaccinated individuals; however, we respectfully request that unvaccinated individuals wear their facemask if they come inside. We ask for and appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

We are still offering curbside service for anyone who would prefer to remain in their car. We will ask that you please text 440-328-8993 or call the office upon your arrival. We will then call you to get a medical history for your pet. We are also using FaceTime and other modes of communication during examinations while you are in your car.

As we re-open the hospital to our clients, our priority remains in the health and safety of our team, pets, their families, and our community. In everything we do, we believe in making a difference in your life. We believe, passionately, in this goal because we know how much your pet means to you. The laughs, the love, the licks, the moments… it is priceless and irreplaceable!

Pets are incredibly important to all of us. They provide hope and support during difficult times in our lives. They love without limits; they care without judgment. When a pet looks in your eyes, they see a hero. We are here to help you care for them. To us, caring for your pet is not a job. It is our calling in life. It is who we are and who we were meant to become.

From our family at North Royalton Animal Hospital, we wish everyone good health. Stay safe.

Warmest regards,

P. Adam Hechko, DVM
Owner, Hospital Director, North Royalton Animal Hospital
Owner, Paws at Play Resort